Clean Slate

The first step in the new house (after demolition of the old) is to re-paint all the walls! I am trying to decide if I will be able to pull off all-white walls. Maybe that will give me a clean slate to work with later.  Below are a few images from Pinterest that caught my attention, all against white. Feel free to visit my Pinterest Interior Design Board for details on these spaces and for more interior inspirations.

A Life Less Ordinary

Found this beautiful book while running around stores, trying to find interior design inspirations. Lately, I am loving rustic mixed with clean and white. Love how you can display beautiful, reclaimed, antique pieces, with all their flaws, their history, against clean, white and new. Showcasing each item's memories and stories, while bringing them to life again in a different time and place.  This book is just that and gorgeously designed too! A Life Less Ordinary, interiors and inspirations..

Enjoy the little things..

New Beginning

A lot has been changing! I am currently in the process of buying a house and moving! My Etsy shop is going to be on vacation for a couple of months during this process, but I thought this will be the perfect time to actually begin my new blog!  I am spending every free minute looking at inspirational images for the design of my new home and I wanted to catalog my findings and thoughts as I go. Hope you enjoy!